Students who have failed more than half the points they have attempted during Summer School and Semester 1 will receive an academic warning alert.

There are no formal consequences for receiving the academic warning alert. Students should continue to follow the guidance provided to them regarding their circumstances. 

Students who receive an academic warning alert are not on conditional enrolment, however they need to be aware that they are at risk of being placed on conditional enrolment for their subsequent year of study. 

The academic warning alert represents a snapshot of a student's results at the point of results released for Semester 1.

An academic warning alert may be received while waiting on a special exam, Special Consideration, or a decision on a withdrawal under exceptional circumstances if final results are not available.

Students who receive an academic warning alert are encouraged to make use of the support services available, and to discuss options with Student Development:

Make an appointment

Information about support services is included in the academic warning alert in your eVision portal and can also be found on the Student Services page

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