Personally-owned devices

Postgraduate Students

Request a licence using the online Student Software Request form

Your request will need to be approved by a staff member in your department willing to be responsible for your licence.


  1. Request a licence using the online software order form
  2. Complete a work at home request form (PDF 119KB) and email to

Download and install Nvivo

Download the version of NVivo you want to use.

After installation and when first opened, you will be prompted to sign in to your myNVivo account. Instead, select the option to enter an enterprise key, then enter the serial number for the version of NVivo you have installed.

University-owned devices

Students and Staff

Request a licence using the online software order form

This form is only accessible to staff. Students will require a staff member from their department to request a licence on their behalf.

NVivo may then be downloaded on some University-owned devices from Software Centre

If NVivo is not available to download from Software Centre, or you don't have access to Software Centre, contact AskOtago.

Licence Renewal

If you have received a new licence before your current one has expired, you will be able to extend your licence:


  • NVivo 1.0 (2020): Go to File > Product Info > Manage Licence > Replace Licence
  • NVivo 12 and earlier: Go to File > Help > Manage Licence > Replace Licence


  • Go to NVivo > Licensing > Extend Licence

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