My eQuals is a joint initiative among Australian and New Zealand universities. It allows you to securely access and share your official transcript and qualification certificate digitally.

The following documents are available to access through My eQuals:

  • Transcripts
  • Qualification Certificates (testamurs)
  • Statements of Completed Qualifications
  • Statements of Enrolment

My eQuals allows employers and universities to confirm the authenticity of students' qualifications.

There is a one-off fee of $30 required before accessing your documents for the first time.

If you require your qualification certificate and studied after 1993, you can have this published to My eQuals.

If you graduated from the University of Otago from December 2017 your qualification certificates will automatically be published to My eQuals within three business days of your graduation.

Further information

My eQuals
Academic transcripts
Publishing transcripts to My eQuals
Transcripts unavailable on My eQuals

PhD transcripts process

The Student Records team manually adds the academic transcripts of PhD students to My eQuals. PhD student requests for their transcripts are assigned to Student Administration - Records Management General in CRSM.

If the student's transcript request is related to visa requirements, they should be guided to contact the Student Visa Services.

My eQuals receipts and payment queries

Requests for a GST receipt for the $30 My eQuals fee should be assigned to the Student Finance queue in CRSM.

Qualification certificates

Any enquiries from students who graduated prior to December 2017 need to be referred to the Graduation team, as they can manually publish certificates to My eQuals.

Dunedin College of Education qualification certificates (testamurs) awarded prior to 2007 cannot be uploaded to My eQuals. See Transcripts unavailable on My eQuals

Information held in Digitary

AskOtago IT has access to Digitary, the system that sits behind My eQuals, and they can tell you if:

  • Documents are available in My eQuals for a student
  • Documents are available but have not been seen by the student
  • A document has been revoked (i.e. the transcript has been republished and the existing one replaced)
  • The student has seen and paid for the document
  • The student has seen but not paid for the document

Access to Digitary

See My eQuals sharepoint training material for AskOtago